Five Signs Your Buick Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair

February 10th, 2022 by

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Your Buick car’s suspension system, consisting of shocks and struts, is something that many drivers take for granted. However, after supporting tons of weight every year, eventually shocks wear down and suspension repair becomes necessary.

Here at our Buick repair center at Zeigler Buick GMC of Lincolnwood, our mechanics are trained to identify the top five signs that your car needs suspension repair.

1. Rough Ride

Most people can tell that their suspension is damaged when they begin to feel every bump in the road, or when even small bumps cause their vehicle to bounce.

2. Dips or Nose Dives When Stopping

When the shocks or struts are worn out, you’re more likely to feel the vehicle’s body lurching forward and downward nose-first when you firmly apply the brakes. This can impact your ability to stop the car quickly.

3. Drifting or Pulling During Turns

When your car’s suspension system is failing, you’ll often feel the car pulling or drifting when you’re turning. This means that the shocks are no longer keeping the vehicle’s body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn, increasing your risk of a rollover.

4. Uneven Tire Treads

Another check of a suspension system involves the tires. If you notice that the treads are wearing down unevenly, or if you notice balding spots, this is often a symptom that the suspension isn’t holding the car evenly.

5. Damaged Shocks

Finally, if you take a look under your vehicle and your shocks look oily or greasy, there’s a good chance that they are leaking fluid and aren’t working properly.

Have a professional Buick mechanic check your car’s suspension here at Zeigler Buick GMC of Lincolnwood.

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